Sunday, January 25, 2009

Character Actor I.D.

An attempt is going to be made to update this site. The best laid plans did not come to fruition when the blog was started, but maybe now we can see some regular updates. Let's start with a few photos and make some identifications and throw in a little biographical info as well...

The actor to the left is a familiar face, but few would know his name. Will Wright was born in San Francisco and spent years in the newspaper business before he entered the world of acting. The photo at the left is from about 1960, but it seemed that Will Wright always looked old. His film and television career lasted a mere 22 years, not all that long for one of such lugubrious features. His films include State Fair, Wilson, Bambi, The Blue Dahlia, Jolson Story, All the King's Men, Adam's Rib, The Wild One, Johnny Guitar, Inherit the Wind and Cape Fear, to name but a few. On television, he was Mr. Merivale the florist on Dennis the Menace; the father of Teensy and Weensy on the Tennessee Ernie Ford episode of I Love Lucy; and Scrooge-like store owner Ben Weaver in three episode of the Andy Griffith Show. There is also some incorrect information on the internet that suggests this gentleman owned and operated an ice cream parlor in Hollywood. This trivia is incorrect in that a man named Wilbur Wright (Wil for short) owned these ice cream parlors. Our Will Wright was content to be just a working actor right up until his death in June of 1962 at the age of 71.