Sunday, December 03, 2006

Charles Seel

You knew this face, but probably not the name. Charles Seel was born in the Bronx in April of 1897. He did some silent film work when films were still being made on the East Coast. He appeared in vaudeville with his wife Jeanne, whom he married in 1922. He went into radio in 1929 and moved to Hollywood in 1937. Television viewers remember him as Mr. Krinkie, the newspaper publisher in the town where Dennis the Menace lived. For many years he was Barney the telegrapher in Dodge City for the Gunsmoke series. Mr. Seel's wife died in 1964, but he continued to work until at least 1976. He died April 19, 1980 in Burbank, California, 10 days before his 83rd birthday.

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