Thursday, December 27, 2012

New DVDs This Week: Dec. 25, 2012

John Abbott
Jan Arvan
John Davis Chandler
Willis Bouchey
Bernard Fox
Barbara Morrison
There's not much being released by the major labels with the holidays falling on "new release Tuesday". But I did notice several from Universal's Vault Series listed as being released on December 25.

 They are available at  apparently at $17.95 each. I won't go through all of the titles, but here are a few that I would classify as "a character actor lover's dream"... The Brass Bottle (1964) starring Tony Randall and Barbara Eden also has Richard Erdman, Edward Andrews, Parley Baer, Ann Doran, Philip Ober, Howard Smith, Alex Gerry, Herb Vigran, Robert P. Lieb, Nora Marlowe, Jan Arvan, Robert Carricart, Bill Erwin, Johnny Silver, Alan Dexter and Guy Wilkerson in support... 40 Pounds of Trouble (1962) is a Tony Curtis vehicle that also has on view Edward Andrews, Tom Reese, Ford Rainey, Gregg Palmer, Hallene Hill, and the extras Bess Flowers and Kenner Kemp among others... Gambit (1966) stars Shirley MacLaine and Michael Caine, but also has Roger C. Carmel, Arnold Moss, John Abbott, Maurice Marsac, Richard Angarola, Jan Arvan, Than Wyenn and longtime extra Paul Bradley... Shoot Out (1971) is a little seen Gregory Peck western that also has Jeff Corey, Arthur Hunnicutt, James Gregory, John Davis Chandler, Paul Fix, Lane Bradford, Arthur Space, Elizabeth Harrower, and in one of his last appearances, Willis Bouchey...List of Adrian Messenger was directed by John Huston and stars George C. Scott and Kirk Douglas along with a lot of star cameos. But you can also get a glimpse of Marcel Dalio, Ronald Long, Alan Caillou, Bernard Fox, Barbara Morrison, Richard Peel and Dave Willock among of some of those mentioned appear above in order to put name to the face...