Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Screen Extras: Part Two

Kenner Kemp (1908-85)
*Born as Kennard Grant Kempe
in Concho, Arizona
*Married British-born wife Kathleen
from 1933-80
*Sister Donna Kempe also an Extra
*Performed as Walter Pidgeon's stand-in
*Longtime officer in the Screen Extras
 Guild, including Treasuer & V.P.
*Died in Oceanside, California
Here are several more of the Extras identified...do they look familiar to you?
Arthur Tovey (1904-2000)
*Born as Arthur Roland Tovey
in Douglas, Arizona
*A musician all his life, Tovey was
particularly adept at the piano
*Doubled for Leslie Howard in the 
classic Gone With the Wind
*A lifelong bachelor
*Died in Van Nuys, California just
three weeks short of 96 years
George DeNormand (1903-76)
*Born in New York City
*An experienced stuntman for 30+ years
*Second wife Wanda Tuchock (1898-1985) 
was a longtime screenwriter 
*He died at the Motion Picture Home
from cancer

Tony Regan (1908-88)
*Former Casting Director
*Held offices in the Screen Extras Guild
*Retired to the Las Vegas area

Charles Sherlock (1900-83)

Mathew McCue (1895-1966)

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Now, here are two more that I've yet to identify... can anyone out there put names to the familiar faces?

Clark Ross
                             Both Ross and Power are pictured from the 1962 film Advise & Consent
Paul Power ?


J Hall said...

Great job on showcasing some of the most familiar extras of Hollywood, during the 1950s and 60s. Kenner Kemp was an extra in many notable pictures including; Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest. He also had some appearances on Twilight Zone and Batman. If you look at his IMdb he worked as an extra for 40 years 1932-72, a truly remarkable career despite the fact that his name and face were little known. Think of what he must have seen during those years!

Have you ever heard of Robert L McCord? Mr. McCord (1915-80) was another very notable extra during this time period. He appeared in various movies throughout the years but is best known as the person with most appearances on Twilight Zone after Rod Serling. He appeared as an extra in 67 episodes, and although he only had one speaking part throughout he is a notable extra, as he played a variety of parts.

Twilight Zone online museum did a tribute page for him here; http://www.twilightzonemuseum.com/actors/mccord.php

Perhaps you could add Mr. McCord to the; “You know the Face” blog. Let me know if you plan to, and I will provide you with some additional information that I have.

Again, congratulations on a job well done. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Kenner Kemp was my uncle and Godfather. I was named after his wife, Kathleen who was my aunt/Godmother. During the family visits to our State MI., Uncle Ken and Aunt Kay spoke about some of their experiences in show business. I was a little too young to ask them any questions but I remember being fascinated by their stories. To this day I am still thrilled to see him in a film or TV program. Luckily Uncle Ken is very easy to notice.