Saturday, December 01, 2012

Screen Extras: Part 3, "I Can't Help It"...

Paul Bradley (1901-99)
*Born as Anthony Poliseno in Ohio
*Came to Hollywood in 1922
*Height: 5',11"
*First film with western star Hoot Gibson
*Roomed with character actor Fletcher Norton in 1930
*Served as an officer of Screen Extras Guild
*Died in Tarzana, California just short of 98 years
 Okay, just one more post for right now on Screen Extras, these folks all identified for your future recognizing pleasure with a little bit of trivia to go along with the photos...
Bobby Gilbert (1898-1973)
*Born as Robert Wolf in Philadelphia
*Wife was Fannie Gartner (1894-1985)
*He was also a musician and dancer

Harold Miller (1894-1972)
*Born as Harold Kammermeyer
in Redondo Beach, Calif.
*Height: 6',1"
*Made first film in 1919
*Portrayed the Judge in the opening
credits of tv's Perry Mason
Leoda Richards (1907-98)
*Born as Leoda Carole Knapp in Columbus, OH
*She appeared in a least 3 Broadway shows between
 1927-1935 including the original  Anything Goes 
*She married Chas. Richards in 1928; daughter, Barbara
*She may have not started film work until after husband's death in 1950
*Eventually retired to an upscale community in Laguna Niguel, CA where she died in 1998, only about five weeks before her 91st birthday.

William H. O'Brien (1891-1981)
*Born in Peak Hill, New South Wales, Australia
*Married to wife Ruby  until 1962 (48 years)
*Younger daughter Betty was an actress in the 1940s
*Served as an officer of Screen Extras Guild

Cosmo Sardo (1909-89)
*Born in Boston of Italian decent
*Was a barber in Los Angeles
for many years in addition to Extra work
*Appeared as the Bartender in over 70
episodes of tv's Bonanza
*Married in 1974 to a woman
 23 years his junior
*Died in West Hollywood

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